8051 Microcontroller Projects

Embedded Software Engineering is the process of controlling various devices and machines that are different from traditional computers, using software engineering. Integrating software engineering with non-computer devices leads to the formation of embedded systems.

All 8051 Microcontroller Projects List:

  • Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle

  • Remote Control Plant Watering System Using 8051

  • Plant Soil Moisture & Ph Sensing Alarm Using 8051

  • DTMF & RF Dual Controller Based Robot

  • Automatic Whiteboard Eraser Robot

  • RFID Attendance System

  • Motion Based Door Opener with Metal Detector

  • Human Speed Detection Project

  • Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project

  • Automated Elevator with Overload Alert

  • Machine Overheat Detection with Alert

  • Home Automation Using Android

  • PC Based Home Automation

  • BLDC Motor Speed Control Using Fuzzy Logic

  • Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

  • Automatic Light Intensity Controller By External Light Sensing

  • Rf Controlled Spy Robot with Night Vision Camera

  • Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm

  • Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle

  • Industry Power Consumption Penalty Minimization Using AFPC Unit Project

  • Advanced Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot

  • Circuit Breaker Based on Password

  • Multi Microcontroller Networking System

  • Device Load Monitor with Programmable Meter for Energy Audit

  • Ultrasonic Radar Project

  • Power Grid Failure Detection Based on Voltage and Frequency Variance Detection

  • Thyristors Based Dual Converters

  • Voice Based Notice Board Using Android

  • Flexible Ac Transmitter System Using TSR

  • SVC Based Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)

  • Microcontroller based 4 Quadrant speed control system

  • Controlling Pc by TV Remote as Mouse

  • Lamp Illumination Control with Precision

  • Remote Controlled Pick & Place Robotic Vehicle

  • Load Shedding Time Management with Programmable Interface

  • Ultrasonic Object Detection Project

  • Solar Street Lights with Auto Intensity Controller

  • Industry Automation Using Programmable Switching in Repetitive Nature of Work

  • AC Power Controller with Programmable Interface

  • Postage Stamp Value Calculator

  • Android Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot

  • Vehicle Movement Based Street Lights with External Light Sensing

  • Controlling Pc by TV Remote as Mouse

  • Electrical Load Controlled By PC

  • Displaying Moving Message on Notice Board Using PC

  • Precise Digital Temperature Controller

  • Motion Based Automatic Door Opener

  • Wildlife Observation Robot Using Rf

  • Industry Temperature Control System

  • TV Remote Controlled Home Appliances Project

  • Vehicle Sensing Street Lights Project

  • Efficient Power Manager Project

  • IR Based Obstacle Detection for Load Switching Project

  • IR Based Traffic Density Detection and Signal Adjustment

  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Project

  • IR Based Dish Position Controller

  • Dynamic Signal Light Timings on Traffic Density

  • Liquid Level Controller System Without Contact

  • Closed Loop DC Motor Control to Run It at Exact Speed

  • RPM Display for BLDC Motor with Speed Controller

  • Visitor Sensor Light with Seven Segment Display

  • Display Object Counter On 7 Segment Display

  • Home Automation Using Touch Screen

  • Android Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project

  • SMS Controlled Railway Level Gate Control with Programmable Numbers

  • Vehicle Theft Detection/Notification with Remote Engine Locking

  • Patient Health Check Using Wireless Health Monitor

  • Car Over speeding Detection Project

  • MC Based Line Follower Robot

  • Robotic Vehicle with Metal Detection Project

  • Smart Floor Cleaner Robot Using Android

  • Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Project

  • IR Wireless Underwater Communication System

  • Long Range Spy Robot with Night Vision

  • Long Range Spy Robot with Obstacle Detection

  • Long Range Spy Robot with Metal Detection

  • Fire Fighter Robot with Night Vision Camera

  • AC Power Strength Controller System

  • Android Antenna Positioning System

  • Traffic Signals with Synchronization System

  • Multi Motors With Synchronized Speed

  • Single Phase Induction Motor with Smooth Start

  • Configurable Password Security System

  • Displaying message Using Led Propeller

  • Thyristor Based Cyclo Converter

  • Remote Controlled Induction Motor Controller

  • Induction Motor Timer Using Auto Delta Star Starter

  • Multi-Power Supply Using 4 Different Sources

  • IR Remote Thyristor Power Controller

  • Controlling Induction Motor Power Through Thyristor

  • ZVS Based 3 Stage Solid State Relay

  • DC Motor Speed Controller

  • Cycle Switching Without Harmonics for Industrial Power Control

  • Thyristor Firing Angle Control for Battery Charging

  • Street light automatic intensity controller

  • Security Access Control Using RFID Project

  • Attendance System Based on RFID Project

  • RFID Based Passport Project

  • Android Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot

  • Automating Homes Using RF

  • RF Based Secure Door Opener System

  • RF Secure Coded Communication System

  • Load Control System Using DTMF

  • Voice Controlled Home Automation

  • DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener

  • Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone

  • Dialled Telephone Number Display On 7 Segment

  • Digitally Controlled Home Automation Project

  • Android Controlled Induction Motor with 7 segment display

  • Android Controlled Notice Board Project

  • Density based traffic controller with android overriding ability

  • Hovercraft Controlled By Android

  • Android Controlled Automobile

  • Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf

  • Android Controlled Robotic Arm

  • Programmable Sequential Load Operation Controlled By Android Application Project

  • Android Password Based Remote Door Opener System Project

  • Android Controlled Remote Password Security

  • Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control

  • Android Controlled Remote AC Power Control

  • Robot Controlled by Android Application

  • Home Appliance Control Using Android Application Project

  • Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot

  • Android Controlled Based Spy Robot with Night Vision Camera

  • Android Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project

  • Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by PC

  • Shuttling Metro Train Between Stations Project

  • Solar Panel with Sun Position Tracking

  • Android Circuit Breaker

  • System to Measure Solar Power

  • Controlling Solar Energy Charge

  • Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle

  • Robotic Arm Vehicle Controlled by Touch Screen Display

  • TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle Project

  • Robot Controlled by Android Application

  • Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot

  • Android Controlled Based Spy Robot with Night Vision Camera

# Resent Projects


Automatic Defence & Destroy Robot

This system consists   of   an   intelligent sonar  based  object  tracking  system that continuously monitors  the  target. In this project   we  are  making  use    of  ultrasonic  radar    system   and   DC geared    motor driven    firing     unit  interfaced  with  microcontroller  based  control  unit.

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Pick & Place Robot

A pick and place robot is the one which is used to pick up an object and place it in the desired location. It can be a cylindrical robot providing movement in horizontal, vertical and rotational axes, a spherical robot providing two rotational and one linear movement, an articulate robot or a scara robot (fixed robots with 2 vertical axes rotary arms).


Landmine Detection Robo

The robot system is embedded with metal detector capable of sensing the landmine and buzzer from producing a warning alarm to the nearby personnel in that area. The locomotion of the robot is carried out by the DC motor. The robot is interfaced with the PC by deploying a WiFi device.


Solar Based Hybrid  Inverter

The system is beneficial for storing the energy for night time use. The project even controls the charging mechanism i.e. when the battery gets overcharged or undercharged. It requires a set of op-amps that constantly monitors the parameters like panel voltage, load current etc


Sun Tracker Based Energy Harvesting 

The designed project aims at tracking the sun to achieve the maximum sun light incident on the solar panel during anytime of the day. The project is useful during cloudy days. The system requires a solar panel coupled with a Servo motor to keep tracking the sun and moving according to the maximum sun light received.

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Power System

Energy Generation By Machine Vibration

Sound energy is produced when an object vibrates. The sound vibrations cause waves of pressure that travel through a medium, such as air, water, wood or metal. Sound energy is a form of mechanical energy.

Then it collected by Piezoelectric Transducers.