Communication Based Projects

These rf based projects are built by making current use of the rf technology in various fields of life. These projects are provided to help individuals in their rf based research and studies. Rf technology is used in various applications at various industries. Our RFID based projects are built to demonstrate these ideas through our self-learning electronics projects. Browse through list of latest RFID based project topics and ideas to choose the project that suits you.

All Communication Based Projects:

Final Year Engineering Project Maker

  • Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection System over GSM

  • Robot Arm based colour sorting by colour sensor TCS3200  Model

  • Automatic BMI Calculator Using Load Cell & Height Sensing

  • RFID Mobile Charging System

  • Raspberry Pi Speaking Bus Stop Reminder

  • Water Pollution Monitoring RC Boat

  • Pollution Monitoring & Source Tracker Drone

  • Intelligent Surveillance and Night Patrolling Drone

  • IOT Mining Tracking & Worker Safety Helmet

  • Auto Billing Mall Shopping Cart 8051

  • Wireless Doorbell Calling System 

  • Accident Avoiding System Crash Detection &GPS Notification

  • Wireless Humanoid Bionic Arm on Robotic Vehicle 

  • IOT Paralysis Patient Health Care Project

  • DTMF & RF Dual Controller Based Robot 

  • RF Controlled Solar Panel Based Robotic Vehicle

  • IOT Prison Break Monitoring & Alerting System 

  • RFID Based Smart Master Card for Bus Train Metro Ticketing

  • Multi Robot Coordination for Swarm Robotics 

  • Automatic Whiteboard Eraser Robot

  • Smart Shopping Trolley with Automated Billing using Arduino

  • DIY 5DOF Wireless Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Gripper Arm

  • Advanced Footstep Power Generation System using RFID for Charging

  • RFID Based Petrol Pump Automation System

  • Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF

  • Motion Controlled Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider Robot

  • RFID Attendance System with SMS Notification

  • Joystick Controlled Steering Mechanism Vehicle

  • Raspberry Pi Wheelchair with Safety System

  • Ultrasonic Blind Stick with GPS Tracking

  • IOT Asset tracking System

  • Robotic Vehicle Controlled By Hand Gesture Using PIC

  • Wireless Patient Health Monitoring

  • RFID Voting System Project

  • Rf Controlled Spy Robot with Night Vision Camera

  • RF Based Night Vision Spy Robot Using PIC

  • Advanced Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot

  • Wildlife Observation Robot Using Rf

  • Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf

  • Car Parking Project Based on RFID

  • RFID Based Passport Project

  • Automating Homes Using RF 

  • Security Access Control Using RFID Project

  • Attendance System Based on RFID Project

  • Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing 

  • RF Based Secure Door Opener System

  • RF Secure Coded Communication System

  • Automatic Unauthorized Parking Detector with SMS Notification to Owner

  • Robotic Vehicle with Metal Detection Project

  • Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick

  • IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System

  • Anti-Drowning System with Remote Alert

  • RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle

  • Rough Terrain Beetle Robot

  • Remote Controlled Automobile Using Rf

  • Fire Fighter Robot with Night Vision Camera

  • Geo Location Guide Using RF

  • Motion Based Message Conveyer for Paralytic/Disabled People

  • Billing System Based On RFID

# Resent Projects


Automatic Defence & Destroy Robot

This system consists   of   an   intelligent sonar  based  object  tracking  system that continuously monitors  the  target. In this project   we  are  making  use    of  ultrasonic  radar    system   and   DC geared    motor driven    firing     unit  interfaced  with  microcontroller  based  control  unit.

flux Prime Projects Maker.jpg

Pick & Place Robot

A pick and place robot is the one which is used to pick up an object and place it in the desired location. It can be a cylindrical robot providing movement in horizontal, vertical and rotational axes, a spherical robot providing two rotational and one linear movement, an articulate robot or a scara robot (fixed robots with 2 vertical axes rotary arms).


Landmine Detection Robo

The robot system is embedded with metal detector capable of sensing the landmine and buzzer from producing a warning alarm to the nearby personnel in that area. The locomotion of the robot is carried out by the DC motor. The robot is interfaced with the PC by deploying a WiFi device.


Solar Based Hybrid  Inverter

The system is beneficial for storing the energy for night time use. The project even controls the charging mechanism i.e. when the battery gets overcharged or undercharged. It requires a set of op-amps that constantly monitors the parameters like panel voltage, load current etc


Sun Tracker Based Energy Harvesting 

The designed project aims at tracking the sun to achieve the maximum sun light incident on the solar panel during anytime of the day. The project is useful during cloudy days. The system requires a solar panel coupled with a Servo motor to keep tracking the sun and moving according to the maximum sun light received.

flux prime.jpg
Power System

Energy Generation By Machine Vibration

Sound energy is produced when an object vibrates. The sound vibrations cause waves of pressure that travel through a medium, such as air, water, wood or metal. Sound energy is a form of mechanical energy.

Then it collected by Piezoelectric Transducers.